Our Services

We promote a systems approach which enables us to deliver individualized hands on assistance and tools designed to help your organization succeed in a cost effective manner. Through our comprehensive services and with your involvement, we can provide your organization the following services:

We focus on researching and identifying local, state, corporate, and federal funding resources that are in line with your organization’s mission and goals. General services include organizational assessment, program planning and development and a detailed plan for sustainability for your organization.

Carrington, Holland and Leigh, LLC can provide specialized training tailored for your organizational needs. Our training can range from one-half day to five full days. Specific workshops and training include:

  • Diversity Training
  • Proposal and Grant-Writing Development
  • Understanding Evaluation
  • Logic Model Development
  • Cultural Competency
  • Coalition Building
  • Sustainability for Community-Based Organizations
  • Policies and Procedures Development
  • Developing Effective Budget for Community-Based Organizations
  • Fundraising 101
  • Starting and Managing a Nonprofit Organization
  • How to Secure Government Contract for Your Local Business
  • Understanding Needs Assessment
  • How to Create and Manage Effective Boards
  • Designing and Planning Programs for Nonprofit and Government Organizations
  • Not-for-Profit Accounting for Faith-Based and Community-Based Organizations
  • How to Effectively Market Your Programs and Campaigns.

Professional preparation of state Articles of Incorporation, organizational bylaws Application for Employee Identification Number (SS4), Application for Recognition of Exemption (Form 1023), and Secretary of State Article of Incorporation Registration, conflict of interest policy, excessive compensation policy, attachment to Form 1023 Narrative Description of Proposed Activities, and develop financial statements, which includes current and three (3) prior years financial statements (Profit/Loss Statement and Balance Sheet or two (2) years Projected Budget whichever is applicable. The filing fees are not included in this service and will vary by the state that you are filing in.

Carrington, Holland & Leigh provides comprehensive grant writing services. With your assistance and input, we prepare your grant application narrative, budget and budget narrative, forms, attachments and submit the application as required by the funding source. We provide the client the opportunity to utilize our consulting services for post award services if needed for program evaluation, additional training, and sustainability assistance where appropriate.

Our team can develop programs and grant applications that will assist with securing additional funding opportunities for local government and municipalities. Our training workshops can assist and aid municipal employees who are seeking additional funds for specific programs within their city. Some examples include grant programs for fire fighting equipments and services as well as parks and recreational activities for youth.

Our services also include securing additional funds for state agencies that are seeking to expand their current scope of services. We can also aid in the assistance or coordination of proposal and grant review for various state agencies.

Our organization can also provide technical assistance in business start-up. This will include assisting and writing your business plans and formation of a business start-up strategy to aid you in your goal of starting your own business.

By developing creative strategic and sustainability planning, we can assist your organization in securing and sustaining your business efforts through grant funded and fundraising opportunities. This service includes working with clients through extensive research and program planning.

Our team can assist your business on how to win services and consultancy contracts, research awards and government funding through competitive bids, tenders and proposals process.