Frequently Asked Questions

These are some answers to questions we are often asked.

Email us with a brief description of what services you are in need of so we can determine whether Carrington, Holland & Leigh might be a good fit for your needs. We respond to your inquiry via email or phone. You can also contact us by calling 601-812-7906.

Our fees vary depending on the kind of work an organization needs. Workshops fees are based on the number of participants, time and days of the training.501(c)(3) Nonprofit start-up is based on what services clients will need.
Grant writing fees are based on the amount of work required to complete the application and the timeline for submission. We structure our fees to ensure that our services are affordable to our client needs.

There is no fee for a telephone consultation but if client prefer to meet, then a meeting fee will be required based on the area and the amount of time needed.

We do not do any direct soliciting for our clients. The Association for Fundraising Professionals prohibits the use of raising money on a percentage basis. For additional information.